The Growing Mystery of Suspected ‘Energy Attacks’ on U.S. Government Personnel – IOTW Report


What’s behind the suspected “energy attacks” the U.S. government is investigating? Is it a weapon? Is it our own surveillance equipment? Is it a case of mass hysteria?

The only thing certain about the sickening of dozens of American government workers in several different places — including outside the White House — is that people are falling ill with debilitating symptoms.

Otherwise, our intelligence agencies don’t have a clue. They call it “Havanna Syndrome” because that’s where government employees first reported symptoms. But what it is escapes them.

Unfortunately, the investigation may already have been botched. A noted psychologist, Robert Bartholomew, reports that the intelligence panel investigating the syndrome appeared to be biased against a psychological explanation for the symptoms. The panel dropped one scientist after a radio interview where he suggested it might be “psychogenic.” Not very open-minded of them.

It’s important to consider every angle when there is no physical evidence of an attack, including the possibility that the syndrome was triggered by our own surveillance equipment. more

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