The Great American Mask Panic – Watch

There have been stabbings, there have been shootings and there have been totalitarian warnings from the petty tyrants grasping for the ring of power.

The great American mask panic has even gripped the fragile mind of Joe Biden as he attempts to wield the power of the symbolism of the mask over the masses while the mask itself has long been exposed as a fraud.

Now more than a year after its implementation by a confused CDC and their overlords at the World Health Organization.

Normalcy is slowly returning to a populous burned out on the tyrannical message from the covid zealots only to be ratcheted right back up with the gradual employment of mandatory vaccine passports and never-ending vaccine booster shots.

The tyranny will only end when the covid fables are fully exposed and those in power are voted out for aiding and abetting the dangerous and treasonous United Nations deception known as the Great Reset.

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