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The government is willing to send another $10,000,000,000 of your tax dollars to the Ukraine, but not to Ohio, where they had a terrorist attack. – The Donald – America First

Yes, …..Zelenskyy called Biden to say that Trump called him to investigate Hunter Bidens actions in Ukraine.

Biden nodded and agreed to show his gratitude by sending him tons of cash. Enter Putin, who is interested in the Donbas region to reach Crimea.

Zelenskyy couldn’t care less about Ukraine, they all play it big.

Biden covers the actions of his children, which made the entire Biden clan rich. Zelenskyy accepts the killswitch of sacrificing his “beloved” country of origin. He becomes one of the richest Ukrainians, but more importantly for a narcissistic actor, he becomes world famous as the savior of the free world.

Putin accepts the killswitch, becoming the villain of the West. He couldn’t care less. He seizes the land full of goods and natural resources. He knew what was going on, he knows about Hunter Bidens dirt. He also shuts up and plays his own game.

The ones who are screwed are the common people (in the US and elsewhere) and the European countries. Like Germany, who tried to sneak out, but managed to bomb Nordstream right into the action, shortly after those bombings, they agreed to deliver tanks and whatever Zelenskyy asked for.

It’s a dirty club but you’re not there.

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