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The GOP Needs To Pick a Side on Border Security If securing the border is the football, the GOP is Lucy. During campaign season, it’s all about secur…

The GOP Needs To Pick a Side on Border Security

As the 2020 election draws closer, the Republican Party needs to decide once and for all where it stands on border security. Despite their rhetoric, the GOP has been unable to come to a unified stance on one of the most pressing issues of the day.

In recent years, the Republican Party has taken a hard stance on border security, with many of its members calling for increased security measures, including a wall along the US-Mexico border. However, the party has also been divided on the issue, with some members arguing against the construction of a wall and instead advocating for other measures such as increased technology and personnel.

The lack of consensus within the party has led to confusion and frustration among voters. It has also been exploited by the Democratic Party, which has used the GOP’s inability to agree on the issue as a way to paint the party as divided and out of touch.

The Republican Party needs to take a unified stance on border security if it wants to make any headway in the 2020 election. The party must decide if it wants to continue to push for a wall along the US-Mexico border or if it wants to focus on other measures such as increased technology and personnel.

Whichever stance the party takes, it must be able to explain why it is the best option for ensuring border security. This will require the GOP to provide detailed information on the costs and benefits of each option, as well as how it will be implemented.

The Republican Party should also consider how its stance on border security will affect its relationship with its base. While some members of the party may be in favor of a wall, others may be opposed to it. It’s important for the GOP to be mindful of this fact when it comes to deciding on a unified stance.

By taking a unified stance on border security, the Republican Party can show that it is serious about addressing the issue and can provide voters with a clear plan for how it intends to do so. This will demonstrate that the party is capable of making tough decisions and is willing to take a stand on an important issue.

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