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The Extreme MAGA agenda has been revealed and Kari Lake is laughing at the Uniparty

The Extreme MAGA agenda has been revealed and Kari Lake is laughing at the Uniparty


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Today’s best:

1: The Extreme MAGA Agenda Revealed…

2: Kari Lake laughs in the face of the one-party…

3: Fox News is down $1,000,000,000 since the Tucker news dropped.

4: GOP responds to Joe Biden ad with 100% AI-generated ad

5: Replace Tucker with an “undocumented Mexican”?

6: WHO warns of high ‘biological risk’ in Sudan as civil war continues…
Americans are fending for themselves as the Biden regime hastily evacuated yet another embassy.

7: HOLY WOWZER!!! | Ex-MSM get completely ripped apart in one of the wildest teardowns yet

8: HHS Whistleblower: Biden Regime Acts as Middleman in Child Trafficking Operation

9: Soros prosecutor Kim Foxx announces she will not run for re-election, adding she is not responsible for the 96% increase in crime in Chicago since she took office.

10: KJP hilariously mocked for his response to a Newsmax reporter’s “Joe Biden woke up” question

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