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The Eiffel Tower was evacuated amid a bomb threat

The world-famous Eiffel Tower faced a bomb threat that prompted its temporary evacuation on Saturday. The iconic Paris site, visited by nearly seven million tourists annually, saw its three floors and courtyard evacuated as security personnel responded to assess the situation. The incident led to the establishment of an important security perimeter and the diversion of traffic in the vicinity.

Upon receiving the threat, authorities quickly moved into action, deploying a demining team to the scene to assess the credibility of the threat. Although such situations are rare, the preventive evacuation is in line with standard procedures in cases of potential danger, as confirmed by a spokesman for SETE, the company responsible for the management of the Eiffel Tower.

Security is one of the highest priorities at the Eiffel Tower, evident through various measures such as the presence of a police station at the base of the south pillar, extensive video surveillance throughout the site and mandatory security checks for all visitors before entering Although evacuations are infrequent, they are not entirely unheard of. In 2019, the tower faced a similar situation when it was closed to the public after an individual was seen climbing up its side.

After a thorough assessment, the Eiffel Tower has reopened its doors to visitors, assuring them of the safety and security measures in place.

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