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The documents warn that migrants bring tuberculosis, hepatitis, measles and syphilis across the border.

Diseases like syphilis and tuberculosis carried across the border by illegal immigrants threaten New York City and the wider United States, doctors warn, including deadly drug-resistant strains.

“When they are bused to New York and other places, these diseases go with them,” write Marc Siegel, professor of medicine at New York University.

A doctor working on the Texas border told Dr. Siegel that migrants were increasing the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis, also known as “Super TB,” while other doctors warned that migrants could cause a measles epidemic.

“Border Patrol and local agencies have seen all kinds of diseases like tuberculosis, scabies, COVID, hepatitis A and B, gonorrhea, syphilis, mumps, chicken pox, dengue, etc. Arizona County Sheriff Mark Lamb confirmed.

“When the discussion was intense and intense Title 42… walking away, I would constantly say that it’s not just about COVID; it was about all the other health hazards being brought across our borders,” he said of the Donald Trump-era border controls based on public health concerns, which have lapsed under Joe Biden.

In 2015 and since thenDonald Trump has warned that migrants are bringing diseases to the US

“The biggest suppliers of heroin, cocaine and other illicit drugs are the Mexican cartels who arrange for Mexican immigrants to try to cross the borders and smuggle the drugs in. The Border Patrol knows this. Likewise, a tremendous infectious disease it’s spilling over the border. The United States has become a dumping ground for Mexico and indeed many other parts of the world,” Trump said.


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