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The discovered video raises new questions about Prigozhin’s death

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the controversial leader of Russia’s Wagner mercenary group, left behind a perplexing video clip on Telegram, recorded just days before his death in a plane crash near Moscow on August 23. In the video, he vaguely acknowledges the potential threats to his life, saying, “For those who are arguing whether I’m alive or not, how I am, everything is fine.”

This cryptic message has fueled speculation and theories about Prigozhin’s sudden disappearance, especially in the context of recent controversies surrounding the mercenary leader. He led a failed revolt in June against Russian authority, making him a figure of national intrigue and skepticism.

Although the White House has hinted that Russian officials may have been involved in Prigozhin’s death, the Kremlin quickly dismissed those allegations as completely unfounded. Meanwhile, a Telegram channel linked to Wagner suggested that the Russian military may have shot down Prigozhin’s plane. However, the channel did not provide any concrete proof of this bold claim.

Adding to the mystery is the evolution of Prigozhin’s relationship with the Russian authorities. Once a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, Prigozhin had become increasingly critical of the Russian military, although he did not oppose Putin directly. Notably, he escaped charges after the failed mutiny and appeared to have struck a deal that transferred his fighters to Belarus or the Russian regular army.

The video, with Prigozhin dressed in camouflage and suggesting he was in Africa, adds another layer of enigma to the already baffling narrative surrounding his death. With so many questions still unanswered, the short clip serves as a haunting prelude to a tragedy shrouded in mystery.

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