The Democrat Narrative Surrounding U.S. Capitol Officer Is Crumbling

The Democrat Narrative Surrounding U.S. Capitol Officer Is Crumbling

They will use anything they can, won’t they?

The death of officer Brian Sicknick was a tragic one no doubt, but the MSM narrative surrounding his death is allegedly nothing more than a political ploy by Democrats for their impeachment.

We have reported on this before, but it has since become a major piece of evidence that Democrats plan to use in their sham impeachment of President Trump according to reports.  

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If the narrative proves to be false as sources claim, then what will they use to underpin their arguments instead?

Here is what we could find on the story:

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Trending Politics had more on the story: 

With only days to go until the sham impeachment trial of former President Donald J. Trump, the Democrats’ narrative is completely falling apart.

One of the key arguments underpinning Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous and spiteful abuse of power is that Trump incited an insurrection that led to the deaths of five people, one of them a US Capitol Police officer.

The unfortunate and tragic death of Brian Sicknick, a man who has ironically become a martyr figure for the anti-cop Democratic party, has served as a key driver of that false narrative.

Despite claims that Officer Sicknick was violently murdered and bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher during the chaos at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, there has been no actual evidence to support such hysterical allegations and this is a major problem for the Dems.

National File also reported: 

The U.S. Capitol police officer who died following the Jan. 6 Capitol invasion is believed to have suffered from a pre-existing medical condition that contributed to his death. This fact complicates the mainstream media’s narrative, which seeks to pin the officer’s death on supposedly violent pro-Trump protesters. 

The media is trying to forge resentment against Trump and conservative activists in the eyes of Middle America, using the fallen officer as a cause celebre. But even the officer’s family is pleading with the public not to politicize his death as narrative-busting details emerge.

Brian Sicknick was reportedly “injured” during the Capitol protest and media and activists ran with the story that Trump protesters hit him with a fire extinguisher. But Propublica reported that Sicknick told his brother he was merely pepper-sprayed. Where did the fire extinguisher story come from?

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