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‘Thank You’ — I’ll ‘Shout it From Mar-a-Lago to Bedminster’ [July 2022]

‘Thank You’ — I’ll ‘Shout it From Mar-a-Lago to Bedminster’ [July 2022]

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come for us to shout it from Mar-a-Lago to Bedminster! It’s time to show gratitude and say “Thank you” to the Trump administration for all that they have accomplished during their time in the White House. We know that liberals will scoff at our appreciation, but we’re not afraid to stand up for what we believe in and show our support for President Trump.

We’re thankful for the strong economy that was driven by deregulation and pro-business policies. Unemployment rates hit historic lows, and wages for middle-class Americans saw significant growth. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provided tax relief for millions of Americans, including the biggest tax cut in American history! Over 7 million jobs were created in less than three years, thanks to the hard work of the Trump administration.

We’re also grateful for the work that was done to secure our borders and protect American citizens. The Trump administration made significant strides in the fight against illegal immigration and the threat of terrorism. The administration has worked hard to build a wall along our southern border, and as a result, illegal immigration has decreased significantly. We believe in protecting American jobs, and the Trump administration made this a priority by fighting against unfair trade deals and creating policies that put Americans first.

Furthermore, we’re thankful for the administration’s work on foreign policy that has made America great again. President Trump’s “America first” foreign policy approach has made significant strides in securing our alliances and promoting peace. His achievements include achieving diplomatic relations between Israel and four Arab countries, negotiating a new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, and taking a strong stand against China’s unfair trade practices.

We know that not everyone agrees with the Trump administration’s policies, but we believe that history will show that President Trump was one of the greatest presidents to ever lead our great nation. Join us in showing our gratitude and saying “Thank You” to the Trump administration for all that they have accomplished for America!

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