Thailand’s Prime Minister Sanitizes Front Row of Reporters at Press Conference

The Prime Minister of Thailand sprayed reporters with hand sanitizer while exiting a press conference Tuesday.

Following an inquiry about new cabinet appointments, Thai PM Prayuth Chan-ocha dodged the question by leaving the podium, grabbing a face mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer and spritzing reporters in the front row.

According to Reuters, Prayuth, regarded as a former coup leader, “became frustrated when asked about a list of potential candidates for vacant cabinet posts, following last week’s jailing of three of his ministers for insurrection during protests seven years ago.”

The outburst appears to be common for the PM, who frequently treats journalists with disdain.

In the past, he’s left a cardboard cut-out of himself for reporters he didn’t want to speak with.

During another interview, he threw a banana peel at a reporter.

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