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Ted Cruz launches a triple impeachment call against the top dogs of the Biden regime [VIDEO]

Ted Cruz launches a triple impeachment call against the top dogs of the Biden regime [VIDEO]

In an explosive appearance on Fox Business, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz made a resounding call for not just one, but three separate impeachments. Highlighting what he describes as egregious abuses of power and the law, Cruz made his case against three high-ranking members of the Biden regime.

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Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security secretary, was first on Cruz’s list. The Texas senator argued that Mayorkas should immediately face impeachment proceedings over his handling of the escalating crisis on the US southern border. Cruz detailed the dire statistics: 7 million illegal aliens, 853 migrants who tragically lost their lives while crossing illegally last year, and more than 100,000 Americans who have died of drug overdoses. Cruz accused Mayorkas of “completely defying federal law” and called for his impeachment as the crisis worsens and “the body bags pile up.”

Cruz then turned his attention to Merrick Garland, the attorney general. The senator cited testimony from IRS whistleblowers, stating that if those accounts are accurate, Garland would be guilty of multiple felonies. However, Cruz was quick to stress the need for due process, stating that an impeachment inquiry would give Garland a chance to present her defense. Still, he stressed, if the allegations stand, they indicate Garland lied under oath to Congress and obstructed justice, crimes warranting impeachment.

Finally, Cruz echoed the sentiment of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, calling for an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden himself. The senator pointed to allegations contained in FBI document FT 1023, which suggest Biden accepted a $5 million bribe and arranged another for his son, Hunter, in exchange for political favors. Like Garland, Cruz insisted that Biden deserves a chance to argue against the charges during an impeachment inquiry.

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Cruz’s tough stance underscores deep dissatisfaction with the Biden administration within Republican ranks. It also signals that GOP lawmakers are willing to hold those in power accountable for alleged wrongdoing, pointing to potentially tumultuous times ahead for American politics.

Republican lawmakers are “calling for” impeachments, but do they have the balls to actually get the job done?

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