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Strange Phenomenon Seen over US Is Caught on Video: Shaft of Light Whips Over the Clouds

A strange phenomenon was caught on camera over the United States, causing quite a stir among curious onlookers. The sight was a shaft of light that appeared to whip over the clouds, leaving many scratching their heads.

The unusual occurrence happened in the late evening, as the sky darkened and the clouds gathered overhead. Suddenly, a thin beam of light appeared, piercing through the thick layer of clouds and shooting across the sky at a rapid pace.

Many witnesses were taken aback by the strange sight, and some even speculated that it could be a UFO or some other type of alien technology. However, experts quickly dispelled these rumors, explaining that the shaft of light was likely caused by a rare weather phenomenon known as a crepuscular ray.

A crepuscular ray occurs when sunlight passes through gaps in the clouds, creating a distinct beam of light that appears to whip across the horizon. This phenomenon is most commonly seen during sunrise or sunset, when the angle of the sun creates optimal conditions for crepuscular rays to form.

However, what made this particular sighting so unusual was the speed at which the shaft of light appeared to move. Many witnesses reported that the beam of light seemed to travel across the sky at an unnaturally fast pace, leaving them wondering if there was something more to the phenomenon.

Despite the rumors and speculation, experts remain firm in their explanation that the strange sight was simply a rare and beautiful natural occurrence. While it may have seemed surreal or otherworldly, in reality, it was just another example of the incredible beauty and unpredictability of our planet’s weather patterns.

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