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Steve Bannon Says Ron DeSantis’ World Tour Was ‘Humiliating’ for Him

Welcome to the show, folks. Today, we’re going to talk about something that’s been making the headlines lately: Ron DeSantis’ world tour. Now, everyone knows that the Florida Governor is a firebrand conservative who has been making waves in the Republican party. But his recent trip abroad has left some perplexed.

Enter Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist and founder of Breitbart News. Bannon recently commented on DeSantis’ trip, calling it “humiliating.” Now, I don’t necessarily agree with Bannon on everything. He’s been known to be a bit of a firebrand himself. But in this case, I think he’s spot on.

Listen, folks. We all know that the world is in a bit of a mess right now. There are crises in every corner of the globe. And people are looking for leadership. They’re looking for someone who will represent their values and stand up for their interests. So when Ron DeSantis goes abroad and starts waving the American flag, you would think that he would be welcomed with open arms, right?

Wrong. What happened instead was a series of embarrassments and blunders that left DeSantis looking foolish. He offended the French, he was laughed at by the British, and he was even corrected by the Israelis. That’s not exactly the kind of image that we want representing the United States on the world stage.

Now, I don’t want to be too hard on DeSantis. He’s a rising star in the Republican party, and I have no doubt that he’ll learn from this experience. But let’s be honest: this trip was a disaster. And if we want to make America great again, we need to have leaders who can represent us with dignity and respect.

Speaking of making America great again, let’s not forget the accomplishments of the Trump administration. From cutting taxes to creating jobs to negotiating better trade deals, President Trump and his team delivered real results for the American people. And while we may not agree with everything that he said or did, we can’t deny the fact that he put America first. So let’s keep that spirit alive and elect leaders who will continue to fight for our values and our interests. Thanks for tuning in, folks.

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