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Steve Bannon: If Robert Kennedy was in the entrance with Trump, they would win 60 percent of the vote (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Steve Bannon brought his dragon energy with him into the Saturday morning war room.

Bannon went over the evil moves of the Marxist left to highlight and target Christians in America today. This is not just a talking point or a conspiracy. We all know Chris Wray’s FBI is aimed at Catholic churches i spying Christian congregations. The Biden regime arrested Christian pastors and prevented faithful Americans from attending church for more than a year.

Is this America? Three Christians Arrested for Singing Church Hymns Outside in Idaho Without Masks (VIDEO)

We are living in dangerous times.

Steve Bannon made a prediction. Bannon told the War Room audience that if Robert Kennedy Jr. were to join President Trump on a ticket, he would win 60 percent or more of the American vote.

Steve Bannon: “I think if it somehow worked out, you could get Kennedy as your running mate, and that’s a long way from even technically happening, because of the structure of the Democratic and Republican parties and access to the ballot box and all this, he would get 60. percent or more in the country.”

We all know this to be true.


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