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Stephen Moore: America’s $100 Billion Climate Change Flop

Stephen Moore: America’s 0 Billion Climate Change Flop

Stephen Moore has been touted as America’s top expert on economic policy. In recent years, however, he has become increasingly known for his outrageous claims about climate change. Moore has stated that carbon dioxide is “the food that plants eat” and that more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will “increase agricultural yields, reduce the spread of disease, and improve the environment.” He has also claimed that “there is no scientific consensus” on climate change, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Despite these denials, Moore has been instrumental in shaping US climate policy. He served as the chief economist of the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank, and has advised many conservative politicians on climate-related issues. In 2019, President Trump nominated Moore to the Federal Reserve Board, but he withdrew from consideration amid backlash over his controversial views.

Moore’s climate denialism has had devastating consequences for the United States. His lack of expertise in the field has led him to propose policies that would do more harm than good. For example, Moore has pushed for the US to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, which is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. He has also argued for the repeal of various regulations that limit emissions from power plants, cars, and other sources of pollution.

In addition to being scientifically inaccurate, Moore’s policy prescriptions would be disastrous for the US economy. A report by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate found that failing to address climate change could cost the world economy as much as $44 trillion by 2060. The United States would be hit especially hard: a separate report by the National Bureau of Economic Research estimated that the country could lose up to 10% of its gross domestic product (GDP) by 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions continue unchecked.

Moore has repeatedly ignored these warnings, instead insisting that climate action is too costly. In a 2018 op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, he claimed that climate policies would “sap the economy of trillions of dollars” and lead to “massive job losses.” These claims were quickly debunked by fact-checkers, who noted that Moore had relied on outdated estimates and cherry-picked data.

Moore’s track record on climate change raises serious questions about his qualifications to advise policymakers. Despite his lack of expertise and his ideological biases, he has had a significant impact on US policy. By promoting climate denialism and opposing sensible regulations, he has put the health and well-being of Americans at risk. It is time to recognize Moore for what he is: a $100 billion climate change flop.

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