Stands for “Control Negroes Network”

Stands for “Control Negroes Network”

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones slammed CNN Thursday, saying an appropriate acronym for the race-pandering news org is the “Control Negroes Network.”

During a fundraising dinner in Atlanta, Jones called out how CNN scares black people about new election reforms by referring to them as “Jim Crow 2.0,” while at the same time refusing to investigate the suspicious happenings of the 2020 election, which he says violated the Constitution and state statutes.

“What press are you with?” Jones asked a reporter while putting his arm around his shoulder.

“CNN,” the reporter replies.

“Were the drop-off boxes used in the 2020 election and the 2021, were those drop-off boxes written into state statute?” Jones asks the reporter, who replies he doesn’t know.

“Are you open to looking to see if they were?” Jones asks the reporter, who does not immediately reply affirmatively.

“They don’t want people of color to have conservative thoughts,” Jones told a crowd.

“He’s here to keep me from running, to keep me from being governor of the state. Why? Because liberals…they do not want blacks thinking for themselves.”

In a tweet following the incident, the Democrat-turned-Republican declared, “REAL journalism is dead in America.”

“If the liberal media thinks they can bully me, intimidate me, or silence me, they have another thing coming. I’m not a resident on their plantation.”

Georgia State Rep Exposes Massive Election Fraud!

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