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‘Squad’ Member Furious After Poll Shows Biden Crushing Her: ‘Wasting People’s Time’

‘Squad’ Member Furious After Poll Shows Biden Crushing Her: ‘Wasting People’s Time’

Title: ‘Squad’ Member Furious After Poll Shows Biden Crushing Her: ‘Wasting People’s Time’


In the world of politics, public opinion plays a crucial role in determining the success or failure of certain candidates. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, commonly known as AOC, a member of the progressive ‘Squad’, recently found herself on the wrong side of the numbers when a poll showed President Joe Biden comfortably ahead of her. Expressing frustration, AOC criticized the poll results, arguing that they amounted to “wasting people’s time.” Let’s delve deeper into the implications of this revealing poll and its potential impact on AOC and the progressive movement.

The Power of Public Opinion

Public opinion is a vital component of a functioning democracy. It is through public opinion polls that political leaders gauge the mood of the public and tailor their policies accordingly. Polls allow politicians and their supporters to make informed decisions about their strategies, campaigns, and even potential policy changes. However, when the results do not align with their expectations, politicians can experience disappointment and frustration.

AOC’s Reaction

In the case of AOC, the recent poll showing President Biden’s popularity surpassing hers appears to have been a significant blow. As a prominent and influential member of the progressive ‘Squad’ and a self-proclaimed champion of progressive policies, AOC has often been seen as a representative of the new generation of Democratic leaders. Therefore, the poll results likely came as an unexpected rebuke, considering her political stature and influence.

Accusations of ‘Wasting People’s Time’

AOC voiced her dissatisfaction with the results, angrily denouncing the poll as a “waste of time.” Her frustration might stem from the fact that the poll highlighted a considerable gap between her popularity and that of the president. Though polling can sometimes be imperfect and subject to various biases, dismissing an unfavorable result as a waste of time undermines an essential component of democratic decision-making.

Implications for the Progressive Movement

The progressive movement, often embodied by members of the ‘Squad’, has been rapidly gaining ground within the Democratic Party. AOC, along with her colleagues, has championed key issues such as climate change, Medicare for All, and criminal justice reform. The movement has successfully captured the attention and support of many young, liberal voters. However, this poll serves as a reminder that even influential progressive figures can find themselves out of sync with mainstream Democratic voters.

Learning from the Results

Rather than dismissing the poll as a mere waste of time, AOC should reflect on its implications and examine why she may be trailing behind President Biden in popularity. Engaging in self-reflection and seizing an opportunity to reassess public support can be an essential element for personal growth and success in politics. It is crucial for politicians to understand the desires and expectations of their constituents to effectively represent them.


Public opinion polls play a fundamental role in political decision-making, allowing politicians to gauge the popularity of their policies and strategies. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s frustration at being overshadowed by President Biden in a recent poll reflects the importance of these evaluations. Rather than dismissing the poll’s results as a waste of time, AOC should use the opportunity to analyze and understand voters’ sentiments. Effective representation requires politicians to adapt to public opinion, fostering a democracy that truly reflects the will of the people.

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