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Special Counsel Jack Smith Investigating Classified Docs Found at Mar-a-Lago AFTER August Raid

The recent news that Special Counsel Jack Smith is investigating classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago after an August raid is yet another example of the liberal media’s obsession with attacking President Trump. This is just the latest attempt to discredit and undermine the Trump White House, and it’s a shame that the left will go to such lengths to stop the President from delivering on his campaign promises.

The documents in question were found during a raid on the home of Li “Cindy” Yang, a former spa owner who reportedly had ties to the Chinese government. It’s unclear exactly what the documents contained, and the White House has denied any wrongdoing.

Despite the left’s attempts to undermine the Trump administration, the President has achieved a great deal in his first term. He has implemented sweeping tax cuts, drastically reduced regulations, and negotiated better trade deals with foreign countries. He has also appointed two conservative Supreme Court justices and made progress on other conservative policies.

The Trump White House has also made great strides in foreign policy. The President has achieved peace in the Middle East, strengthened alliances with key allies, and taken a strong stance against China’s aggressive behavior. He has also successfully renegotiated the North American Free Trade Agreement and is making progress on a new trade deal with the United Kingdom.

It’s clear that the Trump administration is focused on delivering on its promises and making America great again. The left’s attempts to discredit the President and his accomplishments are nothing more than a distraction from the real work that is being done.

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