South Carolina House Votes to Add Firing Squad to State’s Execution Methods – IOTW Report


Members of the South Carolina House have voted to add death by firing squad as a state execution method due to a lack of lethal injection drugs.

The bill, approved in a 66 to 43 vote on Wednesday, would require inmates to choose between being shot or electrocuted if there are no lethal injection drugs available, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

“The state is one of only nine to still use the electric chair and will become only the fourth to allow a firing squad,” the outlet continued:

The Senate already had approved the bill in March, by a vote of 32-11. The House only made minor technical changes to that version, meaning that after a routine final vote in the House and a signoff by the Senate, it will go to Republican Gov. Henry McMaster, who has said he will sign it.

“The state has had to postpone three executions due to a nationwide shortage of lethal injection drugs, caused by drug companies who wanted to crack down on how their products are being used,” the newspaper continued: MORE

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