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SOTU: Gov. Huckabee slays, but Republicans kneel — that’s what they should have done

SOTU: Gov. Huckabee slays, but Republicans kneel — that’s what they should have done

“The simple step of a brave individual is to take no part in lying. A word of truth overcomes the world.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a brave person who looked directly into a camera and shined a light on the deceit and lies that Biden told in his SOTU address last night. He spoke hard truths and unashamedly laid the state of freedom at the feet of all listeners, challenging them to be better than the government (United Party) today.

Most vehemently, he called out the Republican establishment elite for failing to stand up for those freedoms and singled out what he called “the new generation” of political thinkers as a force to be reckoned with.

The speech was well constructed with a narrow arch that gave real goosebumps. Huckabees delivery was compelling, effective and captivating. Every sentence had an impact. But we all know his speech will not get credit where credit is due, and the deepest backstabbing will come from within the GOP/UniParty political class, see here.

After all, those who align themselves with the Haley campaign or the more stealthy Liz Cheney are not about to clear a path for another strong Republican woman. This is about politics, not the welfare of the American people.

Listen carefully:

There were many lines that landed but this one in particular stood out:

The dividing line in America is no longer between right and left. The choice is between normal or crazy. “

Sarah chose to stand firmly on the normal side of the dividing line. Unfortunately, Republicans in the House of Commons last night chose to sit back, wallowing in madness.

Yes, a handful of Republicans, the usual stalwarts with some integrity, shouted “liar” or “It’s your fault” as a demented 80-year-old read the carefully prepared script of inventions to the American people and those to whom it they listened distant capitals around the world. Sorry McCarthy and crew, this is NOT good enough at this point.

The depth of deception and gross manipulation started with the introductions and never stopped! It would be easier, just to list what the President of the United States repeated was a fact…which involved a few names: see here, here, and here for a sampling of Pinocchio’s party.

McCarthy and team knew in advance the major falsehoods Biden would perpetrate during the speech; Inflation is down, the deficit is down, 12 million jobs have been created, America is once again respected in the world, and of course, that the GOP wants to cut Medicare and Social Security. Yet they all sat there and took it, which will be read as tacit approval by many on the left and right.

Oh, for those who will try to argue about decorum, or if they had planned a defense in advance as the media would have viciously attacked, don’t bother. It doesn’t matter what the Republicans do, the media always distorts and lies to belittle and demean them to the voters. And Democrats buried the notion of decorum during the Trump years.

No, the only credible response to Biden’s profane propaganda output was to have already agreed as a caucus before the SOTU that would be considered a line crossing moment. McCarthy would give the signal if Biden went too far over that line and EVERYONE he stopped quietly, and without words or shouts, quietly left the room. When I say everything, Romney, Collins, Murkowski, McConnell, Graham and a few others are supposed to be comfortable sitting with their real brothers.

Now, this is what Solzhenitsyn referred to as not engaging in lying.

The only comment that would be given in the room to reporters would be, “We’re going to hold a press conference at noon on the steps of the United States Capitol tomorrow, see you there.” Does anyone imagine that the media would be a no show? If Rush Limbaugh taught us anything it was how to force the “media” to cover the real story.

Hundreds of Republican legislators gather there on the steps of the ‘Casa del Poble’ at noon. As the cameras roll, a hand-picked group of good communicators fact-checks Biden’s claims, something compliant media and Poynter fact-checking will never do. Suddenly, all the delusional spin going on about Biden’s unifying speech and good economics is going down like a Chinese spy balloon.

Republicans control the narrative and the fiction is sent packing.

Instead we played the same old pathetic tape on a loop. The narrative packaged for consumption that not only protects Biden and the mendacity of the Democrats, but also asserts in many minds that Republicans are politically incompetent and totally addicted to playing their stereotypical roles at UniParty’s behest.

Governor Huckabee knows we are at war and last night he emerged victorious on the battlefield in his mission. Sorry, Mitch and Kevin’s misfits blew it again. Take the position that the madmen and whipping girls in the press will begin, and the debt ceiling negotiation ended around 10:45 pm last night, when a merry liar Biden tore you to pieces.

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