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Soros-Backed DA Pamela Price Blasted By Oakland Residents Over Surge in Crime

Embattled Soros-backed Alameda County DA Pamela Price faced intense backlash from frustrated Oakland, California, residents over the surge in violent crime during a community meeting last Thursday.

Residents piled into a public safety meeting to air their grievances against Price’s soft-on-crime policies.

“I just want to say that there must be consequences! It’s unreal that there are no consequences for these children!” one attendee shouted.

Price however, remained defiant in the face of the outraged residents.

Frustrated Oaklanders confront Alameda County DA Pamela Price over surge in crime

At a heated community meeting Thursday, residents of Oakland’s Montclair neighborhood had a chance to confront the DA and the Oakland police department over rising crime. @AndreaKPIX reports:

— Betty Yu (@bett_yu) July 28, 2023

“All counties across the state have been asked to decriminalize young people, and so our county has adopted that as a policy,” Pamela Price told the attendees.

Price faced major backlash after she called to remove a special circumstances charge from a case involving gang members who murdered toddler Jasper Wu in 2021.

Price now faces a recall after just six months in office, which she lambasted as an “insurrection” akin to the January 6 Capitol protest.

“These are election deniers,” Price had said last week. “We had an election. We won the election by an overwhelming majority. It wasn’t a small, close election and so the people who lost, they lost, and when you lose an election, you shouldn’t be able to overturn the will of the voters. That’s what happened during the insurrection on Jan. 6.”

But Price insisted her goal is to “give young people hope.”

Under Price, violent crime in Alameda County spiked by 14% compared to last year, according to Oakland Police Department figures.

Price was elected with the help of George Soros-funded California Justice and Public Safety PAC, has called to “defund police, defund prosecutors, and divest from prisons” and has promised to “stop charging and/or incarcerating youths under the age of 18 as adults.”

Watch the full CBS segment:

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