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Someone should have warned us! – The Donald – America First

Someone should have warned us!  – The Donald – America First

Dork Brandon said there would be food shortages and then walked off the national stage. Nothing has been done to back it up, there are no national programs. There are no “Gardens of Victory”. No patriotic rah-rah-rah and using trillions of stolen taxpayer dollars to make simple infographics about what you can do to support food security. And food security is national security, which they have clearly abandoned or betrayed.

There is this marketing coming to us from WEF/Social Media about eating bugs and climate change.

And then there’s this war that has turned the fertilizer markets upside down while the warring parties have one side (“ours”) shutting down food production. These people are liars, lunatics, fools and clowns. They have no right to rule and we have no requirement to tolerate them.

We need to organize and work together to solve these problems in the market. Isolate and remove the interference and finally shut the crap out of them.

Call your local farmer, go to farmers markets, have coffee with the manager of your local grocery store. Participate in the national food supply. Secure your community’s power supplies. Secure your family’s food sources. And take down anyone who tries to avoid it.

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