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Solo travelers can find cheaper hotels than Airbnb

For solo travelers considering a solo trip, a hotel could offer a more budget-friendly stay than Airbnb, new analysis by consumer group Which? highlights.

The research involved a price comparison of thousands of one-room accommodations, contrasting hotel room rates with listings on platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo.

Some notable findings from the study showed large price differences in favor of hotels. In Santorini, Greece, Airbnb listings were found to be on average 71% more expensive than hotels. Similarly, Airbnb stays in Amsterdam commanded a 58% premium over hotels, while in Hong Kong the gap was a staggering 85%.

Within the UK, the picturesque village of Southwold in Suffolk had average hotel room rates of £155 per night, in contrast to Airbnb’s £223. In particular, hotels consistently emerged as the most affordable option in all four UK capitals.

Rory Boland, the editor of Which? Travel, commented on the findings: “Despite the popular belief that vacation rentals like Airbnb offer cost savings, our analysis found that hotels are often a better value for solo travelers.” Boland also advised travelers to compare fares between platforms rather than assuming one will invariably be more expensive. However, he noted that for larger travel groups that require more space, private charters can still present a cheaper option.

The study considered average price data up to May of the current year, excluding five-star hotel rates.

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