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Sightings of alleged ‘white supremacist’ Texas Mall Shooter appear on social media

Sightings of alleged ‘white supremacist’ Texas Mall Shooter appear on social media

According to a statement from the Pentagon, the man suspected in the fatal shooting at a shopping mall in Texas, Mauricio Garcia, had been “discharged” from the US military after three months of entry training due to physical conditions or mental The statement came after a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation claimed Garcia had been kicked out of the military for mental health reasons.

Garcia, who was tackled by a police officer and died after the attack, had tried to join the army in 2008 but failed to pass the basic enlistment period. An Army official confirmed that Garcia was discharged under the 2005 edition of Army Regulation 635-200, paragraph 5-17, which refers to other designated physical or mental conditions.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. military, Heather J. Hagan, confirmed that Garcia received no military occupational specialty during his brief stint and had no deployments or awards. However, Hagan declined to say whether Garcia was honorably discharged.

The issue of the possible motive for the Allen Mall shooter has been a contentious one, as there are alleged indications that the Hispanic man was a “white supremacist” with neo-Nazi beliefs.

In the man’s alleged social media posts, he showed off apparently new tattoos of Nazi symbols and the symbol of the city of Dallas.

Why Are Allen Mall Shooter Tattoos So Cool?

A Hispanic man with recent tattoos of Nazi symbols and the city of Dallas? That just doesn’t add up.

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) May 8, 2023

Aric Toler, a researcher at Bellingcat, a thank you who has frequently contracted with UK and US intelligence agencies, exposed in a Twitter thread the Russian OK profile of the alleged Texas mall shooter, which had virtually no views before being discovered.

It took a while, but I found Allen’s Odnoklassniki profile. The TX shooter described in this NYT article:…

Your YouTube account: (now terminated)

The most recent post on his OK profile is basically his suicide manifesto/note. He closes it with a quote from South Park.

Flashback to @IwriteOK’s 2019 Bellingcat article about how mass shootings have been “gamified,” with Allen shooter talking about a “decent death toll” in Nashville.…image

Publication of April 21image

I guess he was trying to be the zodiac killerimage

His personal politics were very hard to figure outimage

Allen shooter appears to be a @Timcast fanimage

@mentions It’s worth noting that Allen’s shooter had no friends or groups on his OK profile – he used it as a personal journal. You may have chosen OK because it has virtually no content moderation.image

Christ, I just noticed this: I was at the mall where he did the attack 3 weeks before. I was monitoring peak visit times on Google.imageimageimageimage

Receipt of kit the shooter from Allen, TX bought in 2020, posted a few weeks before the shoot. He also posted pictures of his weapons.imageimageimage

Boxes upon boxes of ammo he apparently received a few weeks before the shooting. These photos were posted at the same time as the photos he took at Allen Mall.imageimageimage

I guess we’ll never know if this guy was a liberal or a fascist or whatever, oopsimageimageimageimage

Labeling someone violent incel has lost a lot of meaning in recent years as the term is overused. But yes, it fits here.image

This video was previously uploaded and scheduled for release yesterday. He shared a link on his YT on March 6th.


It’s worth noting that he uploaded this video before the shooting and scheduled it to be posted on his YouTube channel after the shooting. In a March post, he linked to the same YouTube channel, so it’s definitely his.

Also, this is the same apartment that you posted in December 2022 on your OK page.image

(I haven’t checked if it’s actually him in the picture, I’m guessing he posted it because he’s a big swastika/SS fan since he has them on the rest of his profile)

I wonder if Allen, TX was a white supremacist? If only there was a post he made himself where we could find out, in the context that he was Latino himself.image

His ideology will forever be a mysteryimageimageimageimage

Allen, TX Shooter*

This has probably been posted in this thread, but in summary:
Allen’s shooter was obviously a white supremacist/neo-nazi. He basically announced he was going to do a mass shooting for months in advance, and planned his target weeks in advance.

He also published his personal handwritten journal. Everything I’ve seen shows that this is the most textbook massive shooter you’ll ever find, and it tells you that every step of the way. It will be a benchmark for decades in massive shooters because it shared so much.

(Also, I forgot to post this earlier – I found his profile ok by searching for active profiles with the filters of his birthday, those living in the US and male. About 50 results and his face avatar Hitler’s smile made it an easy choice. for my first choice to check if it was him)

One last thing, noted by @JakeGodin: The Allen shooter was a big fan of @libsoftiktok and signed off one of his posts with “Heil Hitler”.imageimage

Pretty sure it’s actually his tattoos. Here are the Texas, 10/6 and Punisher tattoos he posted earlier. All three are visible in photos of Nazi tattoos.
(The type of neck tattoo is a different person with the same name)imageimageimageimage

• • •

Mall shooter Allen’s alleged “white supremacist” ideology will no doubt fuel further widespread speculation about the Hispanic man’s ties to “right-wing” influencers. Yet when a trans activist commits a heinous murder of Christian children, Americans cannot see a “manifesto” that shows us more about the motive.

Everything has become political; and indeed, that may be part of the problem that fuels mass shootings.

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