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Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby Caught Lying About Flipping Off Constituent.


Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby was last in the news for filing a bogus FCC complaint against a local TV station for their news coverage of her earlier this month. This week Mosby is in the news for lying about flipping off a constituent.

Video posted online by Kelly Davis, the wife of convicted killer Keith Davis, Jr. who is set for his fifth trial in the controversial 2015 murder of Pimlico Race Course security guard Kevin Jones, showed a man, Sean Gearhart, walking or slowly riding a bicycle approaching Mosby as she stood with two women partially blocking a paved walkway at an outdoors waterfront bar. Gearhart zig zagged through the women and, as he passed Mosby who stood still and did not make way, called out “Free Keith Davis, Jr.! Free Keith Davis, Jr.” Gearhart turned the camera back toward Mosby as he moved away down the walkway. Mosby could be seen with her back turned slightly toward the Gearhart, making a gesture with her raised her right hand. Gearhart said Mosby had given him the finger. more

SNIP: I’m not taking sides. I’m just enjoying the fact that Mosby is getting trashed.

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