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Senator Bernie Sanders is calling for a minimum wage of $17 an hour

Left-wing Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) calls for a federal minimum wage of $17 an hour, and also advocates a 32-hour work week with no accompanying reduction in workers’ pay.

The current federal minimum wage is just $7.25 an hour, although some states have implemented their own minimums that are higher than the federally mandated floor.

Sanders rejects the idea that these two policies represent radical ideas.

During remarks Thursday, the left-leaning lawmaker said the Senate HELP Committee will mark up a measure on June 14 to raise the federal minimum wage to $17 an hour over five years. Sanders is the chairman of the US Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

JUST: Bernie Sanders calls for $17 an hour minimum wage

The senator also calls for a 32-hour work week, pushing the idea in an opinion piece.

“It’s time to reduce the work week to 32 hours without loss of pay. It’s time to reduce the level of stress in our country and allow Americans to enjoy a better quality of life. It’s time to ensure- “We want workers to benefit from rapidly increasing technology, not just large corporations that are already doing phenomenally well,” Sanders wrote.

“As much as technology and worker productivity have exploded in recent years, there is no debate that new advances in artificial intelligence and robotics will only accelerate the transformation of our economy. This transformation should benefit everyone , not just a few. It should create more time for friends and family, more time for rest and relaxation, more time for us all to develop our human potential,” he wrote.

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