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Seb Gorka: “There can be no sexually explicit activity on a Naval vessel.”

Sebastian Gorka, a former top adviser to President Trump, recently made headlines with his comments about sexual activity on Naval vessels. Gorka was responding to a question about a video that showed sailors on the USS Kentucky watching pornography on a screen in the submarine’s control room.

Gorka, a naval reserve officer himself, stated that “there can be no sexually explicit activity on a Naval vessel.” He emphasized the importance of discipline and professionalism in the military, stating that “if people don’t understand that, they shouldn’t be serving.”

Gorka’s remarks were praised by many who agree that such behavior is unacceptable in the military. However, others criticized him for taking a stance on an incident that is still under investigation. Some argued that Gorka’s comments could be seen as an attempt to influence the outcome of the investigation.

The incident on the USS Kentucky has been described as a “serious breach of naval discipline” by Navy officials. The sailors involved could face disciplinary action, including possible court-martial.

This is not the first time that Gorka has weighed in on controversial issues related to the military. In the past, he has been vocal about his support for increased military spending and for using military force against countries like Iran and North Korea.

Gorka’s views on military discipline and professionalism are certainly commendable. The military is not a place for misconduct of any kind, and those who serve must maintain the highest standards of behavior at all times.

However, it remains to be seen how the investigation into the incident on the USS Kentucky will be resolved. Regardless of the outcome, it is clear that there is no room for sexually explicit activity on a Naval vessel or in any other branch of the military.

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