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Sabo strikes again with campaign in Dallas, mocking American Airlines…

Right-wing street artist Sabo made a name for himself with art displays in Hollywood mocking the film industry’s protection of Harvey Weinstein and portraying Trump as a countercultural icon, among other creative and provocative projects.

Sabo has taken to the streets of Dallas to strike again, this time mocking the woke policies of American Airlines with a street campaign outside the American Airlines Arena during the Jake Paul/Nate Diaz fight.

Even by corporate American standards, American Airlines is notoriously wide-eyed and anti-white. Perhaps most disturbing of all is American Airlines’ public commitment to practice affirmative action in pilot hiring, which will certainly not end well.

National Center for Public Policy Research:

During the company’s annual shareholder meeting, held virtually, Free Enterprise Project (FEP) Associate Ethan Peck sent this question to Parker:

American Airlines makes no secret of its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), especially when it comes to hiring. Do these DEI policies also apply when hiring pilots?

Parker replied:

Oh, absolutely, of course. Both on the main line and on the regional ones. And if anyone wants to see a positive test, watch a video we posted”[Honoring a] The Legacy of the First.” It’s on our website and in the newsroom. And it’s going to show you the great work we’re doing from DEI’s perspective, especially bringing Black Airmen into the business and then seeing their careers really flourish , especially in American.

Check out more examples of Sabo’s activism HERE.


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