Roofing Company Offers Free AR-15 With New Roof — Leftists Go Berserk

Roofing Company Offers Free AR-15 With New Roof — Leftists Go Berserk

A roofing company out of Wyoming is giving away a free AR-15 rifle with the purchase of a new roof, a spectacular offer that has leftists freaking out.

Matt Thomas, marketing director for Wiggins Construction in Powell, said he came up with the idea after noticing people moving into the state in droves from liberal havens like California.

“People are moving into Wyoming to get out of the cities and to get away from the regulation and to get away from living in fear,” Thomas told Cowboy State Daily on Wednesday.

“We’re just offering it as almost like, for the people that are recently moving to Wyoming as a ‘Welcome to Wyoming’ gift, and for the people that are here, locals, just a ‘thank you’ for doing business.”

Thomas lamented that although the promo has given them an edge over their competition, it’s also attracted the ire of liberals across the country.

“We’ve gotten quite a bit of flack from it,” Thomas said. “I don’t know how this story’s gotten to New Hampshire and to Chicago, Illinois, and to central California. But we are getting phone calls, voicemails from people saying all sorts of negative stuff about us, you know, stuff like ‘baby killers’, and we’re distributing weapons of mass destruction to the public.”

But Thomas noted that the local response has been largely positive, even from folks who don’t need a roof.

“But here’s the thing,” Thomas continued. “None of these people are locals that are really saying this. The response from the actual public and the locals has been phenomenal — we’ve got probably three voicemails this morning from people like ‘Hey, we don’t need a roof, but we saw your ad in the Powell Tribune and we just want to say that it’s awesome, and we really support what you guys are doing.’”

A fews year ago, an Alabama roofing company called Digital Roofing pulled a similar stunt, promoting their rifle giveaway in this hilarious ad:

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Owen breaks down the logic behind Joe Biden’s statement about who wasn’t allowed to own guns in 1776 when the 2nd amendment was written.

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