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Ron DeSantis says his 2018 ‘Build the wall’ ad was “satirical”

Ron DeSantis says his 2018 ‘Build the wall’ ad was “satirical”

Good evening, fellow patriots. Today we’re going to discuss a topic that has been making headlines lately – Ron DeSantis’ 2018 ‘Build the wall’ ad. The current Florida governor recently claimed that the ad was “satirical”, which has caused quite a stir in the political world. But was it really just a joke?

Let’s take a look at the ad itself. DeSantis is shown standing with his young daughter, reading a storybook titled “The Art of the Deal” by none other than President Donald Trump. He then proceeds to build a wall using toy blocks with his daughter, all while declaring that “we must have a president who will put America first”. It’s clear that the ad was meant to appeal to Trump supporters and their desire to secure America’s borders.

But where does the line between satire and propaganda lie? DeSantis’ defenders argue that the ad was clearly meant to be tongue-in-cheek, and that it was never intended to be taken seriously. However, his opponents argue that it was just another example of the Republican party’s fear-mongering tactics, especially when it comes to immigration.

Regardless of how you interpret the ad, there’s no denying that immigration has been one of the most contentious issues of the past few years. Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall along the southern border was certainly a polarizing one, but it’s hard to deny that his administration has made some progress on this front. Immigration arrests and deportations have increased under his watch, and his administration’s travel ban has largely been upheld by the Supreme Court.

In addition to immigration, the Trump White House has also made strides in other areas. The economy has continued to improve, with unemployment at record lows and the stock market reaching all-time highs. The administration’s tax cuts have been popular with many Americans, and Trump has been able to make progress on trade deals with China and Mexico. Of course, detractors will argue that the administration’s policies have only helped the wealthy, and that Trump’s divisive rhetoric has done irreparable harm to the country.

So where does that leave us with Ron DeSantis’ ‘Build the wall’ ad? Was it really just a joke, or was it a thinly-veiled attempt to play to the fears of conservative voters? Ultimately, that’s up to each individual to decide. But one thing’s for sure – the issue of immigration isn’t going away anytime soon, and it’s likely to continue shaping our politics for years to come.

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