Right On Cue – A Professor’s Call For Violence Against Conservatives Not Deemed “Disruptive” Enough By University Administrators

This is exactly what I wrote about in my American Thinker article.


A liberal North Carolina professor apparently won’t face any adverse career repercussions for suggesting that people “blow up Republicans.”

The professor, Dan Johnson, who teaches at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington School of Health and Applied Human Sciences, issued that terse post on his Facebook page on May 17.

Two days later he announced via social media, “Time for my summer break from Facebook.” And his previous call for violence against Republicans was apparently deleted.

But according to the conservative website Campus Reform, Johnson will go on without penalty.

“The university was made aware of the post and has appropriately addressed it,” a college spokeswoman told Campus Reform. The outlet reported that the university later confirmed, “Johnson will be teaching in the fall semester.”

Haylie Davis, one of Johnson’s former students, upset by the blatant double standard.

“Putting away any personal political preference aside, I think this matter should be addressed and dealt in the same manner that it would be if the word ‘Republican’ was replaced with any other word. If the post stated ‘Blow up women,’ ‘Blow up homosexuals,’ ‘Blow up Catholics,’ etc,” Davis told Campus Reform.



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