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RFK Jr. has a major epiphany and realizes that President Trump was right all along…

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Some of us, including certain politicians, have these epiphanies when everything we thought we believed is suddenly challenged, and we realize, often through significant practical experience, that we were wrong. This is exactly what happened to RFK Jr. regarding the horrible problem that Joe Biden has created at the border. RFK Jr. he was a man who went from mocking Trump’s border wall to becoming one of the few Democrats actively pushing for a secure border. This remarkable change occurred when RFK Jr. he visited the border and saw for himself what was really going on there. The documentary “Midnight at the Border” chronicles RFK Jr.’s journey. as he discovers the truth about what is really happening on the US-Mexico border.

This is what a said your post:

WATCH this 18-minute documentary that follows my trip to the Arizona-California border with Mexico, where I witnessed this dystopian nightmare of an uncontrolled flow of desperate humanity crossing the border.

After visiting the border, I have come to understand that the open border policy is just a way to finance a multi-billion drug and people-trafficking operation for the Mexican drug cartels.

When I am president, I will secure the border that will end the cartel drug economy, and I will build wide doors for those who want to enter legally so that America can continue to be a beacon to the world where diversity and culture do. we are great

Powerful and truly terrifying stuff. RFK Jr. he was so affected that he now believes we will never survive this disaster unless we close the border. That’s what he he recently told Tucker Carlson in a compelling interview:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr tells Tucker, ‘We need to close the border right now’

“This is a heartbreaking humanitarian crisis … I was a person who ridiculed Trump’s wall. And now I’ve been there, and I’ve talked to everyone down there, and I have a different position … We can’t survive with what is going on there now…Mexican drug cartels are literally running US immigration policy, not the president. of the United States”

One thing is certain: In many ways, RFK Jr. he embodies the “common sense” that reminds us of the old Democratic Party, not the bloodthirsty communists we see today. His first-hand experience at the border opened his eyes and made him understand that President Trump’s position on the issue was correct all along. It’s a shame he didn’t realize it sooner, as the evidence has been there all along. But luckily, he finally saw the light and admitted he was wrong. Too bad more Dems don’t have the conviction to do the same.



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