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Reuters under fire online for oddly framed headline on transgender Christian school mass shooting

Reuters news service was criticized by many online after it ran an oddly framed headline about the horrific shooting massacre at a Nashville Christian school by a transgender person.

The headline emphasized that the killer had been a student at the school and did not mention the killer’s transgender identity.

“Former Christian school student kills 3 kids, 3 staff in Nashville shooting,” read the Reuters headline on Twitter.

Critics pounced on the headline as an example of editorializing in the mainstream media that seemed only to swing against conservatives.

“Journalists of America: Tweets like this one from @reuters are why so many people distrust you, disrespect you, and actively hate you. If you can’t understand why based on this tweet, you’re part of the problem.” , answered radio talk show host Erick Erickson.

“This headline. Six people, including three children under the age of 10, are dead, and Reuters decides it’s going to make the shooter look like a Christian instead of the trans activist they were. Have you no shame?” read another popular tweet.

This headline is absolute rubbish. And you know it. You are trying to manipulate a narrative to push an agenda and tell you a news organization. Turn in your building keys,” BlazeTV host Chad Prather responded.

“Journalism died years ago, and this article and its worthless headline are the stench of its rotting corpse,” read another response.

Police officers responded quickly to the Nashville shooting and were able to take down the shooter inside the school. Three students were killed, including a pastor’s daughter and three adult staff members.

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