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Report: Senate GOP Viewing Trump As Increasingly Dominant – “He’s Going To Be The Nominee”

Report: Senate GOP Viewing Trump As Increasingly Dominant – “He’s Going To Be The Nominee”

The power of Donald Trump in the GOP is unquestionable. Despite his loss in the 2020 presidential election, his influence within the Republican Party continues to grow, with many GOP senators and strategists acknowledging that Trump is consolidating his support in the Republican Party and is likely to become the party’s nominee in 2024.

This sentiment was echoed in a recent article by The Hill titled, “Senate GOP sees Trump as looking increasingly dominant.” According to the article, Trump’s growing list of endorsements and high poll numbers have solidified his position within the GOP. Two anonymous GOP senators cited in the article also expressed this view, with one of them stating, “I just think that his nomination is inevitable.”

Despite facing legal problems, former President Trump’s grip on the GOP seems tighter than ever before. As the GOP gears up for the 2024 presidential election, there is little doubt that Trump will be a dominant figure in the race.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why Trump remains a powerful figure in the GOP, analyze his growing list of endorsements, discuss his legal troubles, and examine how he is positioning himself for a potential presidential run in 2024.

Why Trump Remains a Powerful Figure in the GOP

One of the key reasons why Donald Trump remains a powerful figure in the GOP is his strong base of support among Republican voters. Despite his loss in the 2020 election, Trump retains high approval ratings among Republicans, and his popularity shows no sign of waning.

Trump’s appeal to Republican voters is based on his stance on issues such as immigration, gun rights, and conservative values. He also enjoys a reputation as a strong leader who is unafraid to speak his mind and take decisive action.

Another reason why Trump remains a powerful figure in the GOP is his ability to outmaneuver his rivals within the party. Since leaving office, Trump has been laser-focused on consolidating his power within the Republican Party. He has done this in a number of ways, including:

– Endorsements: Trump has been busy endorsing Republican candidates up and down the ballot. His ability to swing support behind favored candidates has been a major factor in many GOP primaries and has helped to cement his influence within the party.
– Fundraising: Trump has also been active in fundraising for the GOP. His political action committee, Save America, has raised millions of dollars for GOP causes and candidates.
– Public appearances: Trump remains a prominent figure in the media, and his regular appearances on conservative news outlets help to keep him in the public eye. He also holds regular rallies and public events, which draw large crowds and offer him a platform to tout his accomplishments and attack his rivals.

As long as Trump continues to have a strong base of support among Republican voters and maintains his grip on the party machinery, he will remain a powerful figure in the GOP and a major force to be reckoned with in any presidential election.

Growing List of Endorsements

One of the clearest signs of Trump’s continued influence within the GOP is his growing list of endorsements. Since leaving office, Trump has endorsed dozens of candidates running in primaries and general elections. His ability to throw his support behind favored candidates has helped to swing many races in the GOP’s favor, and his endorsements are highly coveted by Republican candidates.

Some of Trump’s most notable recent endorsements include:

– Ted Budd: Trump endorsed Budd in the North Carolina Senate race, a key battleground state in the 2022 midterms. Budd is one of several candidates vying for the GOP nomination to replace retiring Senator Richard Burr.
– Mo Brooks: Trump has endorsed Brooks in Alabama’s 2022 Senate race. Brooks is one of several candidates seeking to fill the seat being vacated by Senator Richard Shelby.
– Ronny Jackson: Trump endorsed Jackson in his 2022 primary race for a House seat in Texas. Jackson is a former White House physician and staunch Trump supporter.

In addition to endorsing candidates, Trump has also thrown his support behind several GOP organizations and causes. For example, he recently endorsed the America First Policy Institute, a pro-Trump think tank, and has donated millions of dollars to the Republican National Committee and other GOP organizations.

Legal Troubles

Despite his continued influence within the GOP, Trump’s legal troubles remain a potential stumbling block. Trump faces several ongoing legal battles, including investigations into his business practices and allegations of sexual misconduct. These legal challenges have the potential to erode his support among Republicans and raise questions about his fitness for office.

One of the most significant legal challenges facing Trump is the investigation into his business practices by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. The investigation is ongoing, and while it has not yet resulted in any charges against Trump, it has the potential to uncover damaging information about his finances and business dealings.

Another legal challenge facing Trump is the defamation lawsuit brought by E. Jean Carroll, a journalist who accuses Trump of sexually assaulting her in the 1990s. Carroll’s lawsuit has been allowed to proceed, and a court recently ruled that the Justice Department cannot intervene to defend Trump against the suit.

While Trump’s legal troubles are a cause for concern, they have not yet significantly impacted his popularity among Republicans. However, as the investigations continue, his legal problems could escalate and become a major factor in the 2024 presidential race.

Positioning for a Potential Presidential Run

Despite his legal troubles, Trump appears to be positioning himself for a potential presidential run in 2024. He has kept himself in the public eye with regular rallies and media appearances, and his fundraising and endorsement activities demonstrate that he is still heavily involved in the GOP.

If Trump decides to run in 2024, he will likely face significant competition from other GOP contenders. However, his strong base of support among Republican voters and his ability to outmaneuver his rivals makes him a formidable candidate.

There is also the possibility that Trump could run as a third-party candidate if he feels that the GOP is not favorable to his candidacy. While this scenario is unlikely, it cannot be ruled out entirely.


All signs point to Donald Trump remaining a dominant figure in the GOP for the foreseeable future. Despite his loss in the 2020 presidential election and ongoing legal challenges, Trump remains incredibly popular among Republican voters and is highly influential within the party.

His growing list of endorsements, fundraising activities, and public appearances demonstrate that Trump is positioning himself for a potential presidential run in 2024. While there are still many unknowns, one thing is clear: Trump will be a major factor in any presidential election, and his continued presence in the GOP will shape the party’s future for years to come.

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