Rep. Malliotakis slams Dems over court packing bill

Rep. Malliotakis slams Dems over court packing bill

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis spoke during a House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, April 15, 2021. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, Pool)

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UPDATED 8:10 AM PT – Saturday, April 17, 2021

GOP Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-N.Y.) condemned the new proposal to expand the Supreme Court by four seats as a tactic “right out of the socialist handbook.”

In a video on Thursday, she called the Judiciary Act of 2021 the scariest bill that has been introduced since she joined Congress. The proposal would add four seats to the court, making it possible for Joe Biden to potentially overturn it’s conservative 6-3 majority.

Malliotakis compared the Democrat effort to a past push in Venezuela by socialist Hugo Chavez.

“In 2004 Hugo Chavez of Venezuela did the exact same thing. This is a play right out of the socialist handbook and it should concern you that Hugo Chavez took the wealthiest country in South America, a very prosperous nation, and destroyed it,” Malliotakis explained. “Part of the tactic he used was changing the make up of the court from 20 justices to 32, to make sure that he could have all these challenges that were brought to the court ruled in his favor.”

Malliotakis is one of several Republicans to express opposition to the Democrats’ court packing bill.

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