Rep. Gosar Proposed a $10,000 Stimulus for Americans Affected By COVID — Dems Shot it Down, Prioritized Foreign Aid

Rep. Gosar Proposed a ,000 Stimulus for Americans Affected By COVID — Dems Shot it Down, Prioritized Foreign Aid

Republican Rep. Paul Gosar was outraged that the majority of the COVID-19 relief bill was going to foreign aid and corporations — so, instead, he proposed a $10,000 payment for Americans who have been most affected by the pandemic.

The Democrats, who claim to be the party of the people, shot the idea right down.

“Only 9% of Pelosi’s $1.9 trillion ‘plan’ is related to COVID-19. I offered an amendment providing $10k stimulus to Americans most affected by COVID-19 & lockdowns. Democrats chose foreign aid, Big Tech transit, and Pelosi’s political priorities over direct relief for Americans,” Rep. Gosar tweeted along with the amendment.

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The populist politician was the subject of a concerted attack by both liberals and Never-Trump neocons on Friday evening after he gave a powerful speech on why we must put America First.

“Despite all the attacks, and subversive officials, President Trump made America strong. I am a proud supporter of President Trump and continue to support his America First agenda,” the speech continued, with periodic loud rounds of applause. “To date, President Trump’s greatest offense to the ruling elite is his allegiance to hard-working men and women across America, as opposed to corporate or global interests.”

The congressman asserted that “American patriots now carry the torch of others, including our Founding Fathers, who sacrificed for the freedoms we continue to defend.”

“We all watched recently as Big Business, Big Tech, and The Swamp banded together in a technology coup to usurp the White House from President Trump – the peoples’ president. Shadowy elites and the Deep State continue to collude with Big Tech and Big Media to further disenfranchise President Trump and American patriots,” he said. “My mission is to defend and carry the platform. The Republican party can run, and win, on an America First agenda.”

Rep. Gosar also discussed immigration — and how representing a border state means that it is an issue that his constituents are very concerned with. He noted that “a county without a border is not a country. A nation without a people is not a nation.”

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