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Really interesting that a virus that supposedly killed millions, destroyed trillions in economic value, and saw the largest transfer of wealth in history…you’d expect a massive celebration of its end, right? – The Donald – America First

honest to god the truth –

About a month ago, a friend of mine told the group that he doesn’t think he’ll make the annual golf trip because he tested positive for Chinese sniffle. I did it wrong, I was down for a while, I can’t shake the cough, I lost like 20 pounds tpp… but the weird thing was he said he didn’t feel good, he tried… nothing. Tested a few days later, positive. It tested positive on the way down, not the first few weeks.

He was an early advocate of “I’m getting the shot to help keep my in-laws safe” — they lived with him and had other illnesses. Old people, like late 70’s. A few of us told him everything you would say at that time (2021?) and forward. Every few days he dropped the truths and the red pills, and there was resistance from a few guys in our group of 9. By the way, all the red voters, pro-constitution people, fell for the lies of the media.

Well…so a few weeks before the trip he flat out admits he no longer supports the vaxx. He received the Chinese ha-choo at least twice after being stung. The rest of us, no. I never got it and never put it on.

I like to see someone admit their mistakes.

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