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Radical Colorado Democrat says white-owned businesses should pay reparations for ‘stolen land’

Radical Colorado Democrat says white-owned businesses should pay reparations for ‘stolen land’

A Denver Democrat is pushing for a race-based tax, citing the need to redistribute wealth from white-owned businesses to “black- and brown-owned businesses.”

Candi CdeBaca is a Democratic Socialist running for re-election to the Denver City Council. He previously made waves for championing a proposal to intentionally infect Republicans with COVID-19 and to seek collectivization and redistribution of land, labor and resources “by any means necessary.”

While CdeBaca does not appear to have redistributed her own wealth and property during her four years making a six-figure salary in the city, the democratic socialist has nevertheless found a way to redistribute the wealth of those she perceives as heirs of historical guilt. .

The Denver Democrat proposed a tax based on race Thursday at a forum before the Ministerial Alliance of Greater Metro Denver, KUSA-TV reported.

“Capitalism was built on stolen land, stolen labor and stolen resources,” he said.

CdeBaca suggested that a one-time reparations check would be insufficient to pay the debt that past perpetrators allegedly owe to past victims. Instead, it indicated that reparations should be paid on an “ongoing” basis.

After first conceding that the tax constitutes theft, CdeBaca proposed that a business improvement district could be used to tax Denver businesses based on the skin pigmentation and ethnicity of their owners.

A BID is a pseudo-governmental agency that business owners in a specific area can create through a vote, which could then impose assessment-based taxes to achieve various ends.

“Instead of a BID collecting additional taxes from struggling black and brown businesses, you could collect those additional taxes from white-owned businesses throughout the city and redistribute them to non-black and brown-owned businesses part or that are owned only by blacks or browns, and this is a way to get back into business fashion, CdeBaca said.

The councilwoman did not specify whether mixed-race employers would be partially or fully taxed under the scheme.

According to CdeBaca, these racial penalties are not unconstitutional because BID taxes are “voluntary.”

A spokeswoman for the city’s Department of Revenue said that was not true.

“Non-residential assessed property owners within the BID must pay the additional taxes/fees,” spokeswoman Courtney Meihls told KUSA. “It’s not voluntary.”

CdeBaca’s racist proposal was completely ridiculed after the Libs of TikTok Twitter account shared the corresponding video.

Cultural critic and mathematician James Lindsay called it “blatant communism”.

One commenter accused CdeBaca of the bigotry of low expectations, writing: “Doesn’t he realize he’s saying black and brown people can’t succeed without white people?”

Conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong stated: “You get what you vote for.”

“This is bad. This is wrong. This is racist,” Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, tweeted.

FoxBusiness reported that following the backlash to CdeBaca’s remarks on Thursday, his office issued a statement saying, “This is the third time CdeBaca has been targeted by a white nationalist mob, and this is part of a concerted playbook to harass, intimidate and silence progressives. and in particular, marginalized communities.”

CdeBaca will defend his title and six-figure salary in the June 6 general election runoff, where he will face left-wing challenger Darrell Watson, who has also championed various forms of reparations.

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