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Pseudonymous Biden emails on Ukraine corruption copied to Hunter [VIDEO]

Pseudonymous Biden emails on Ukraine corruption copied to Hunter [VIDEO]

Maria Bartiromo sat down with Kentucky Republican and House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer to discuss the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden and its implications for President Joe Biden.

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Bartiromo opened with a direct inquiry about the recent findings, saying, “Mr. President, always a pleasure. Thank you very much for being here. I want to know the status of your investigation, given that we now have a new special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation. But first, let’s talk about those pseudonyms or aliases. What exactly did you learn?”

Comer responded, “Well, we’ve learned that Joe Biden used at least three pseudonyms or false names in emails that he was getting from people in the federal government, people who worked for him. And even more troubling than that, Maria, we’ve learned that when he was getting e-mails about Ukraine, his son Hunter was copied, which we’ve always heard the White House has said that Hunter Biden was not a government employee. He was not part of the government. They couldn’t understand why that the House Republicans on the Oversight Committee were investigating Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden because Hunter was not part of the government. Well, if that was true, then why was he getting emails from the government?

Bartiromo pressed further, connecting the emails to Victor Shokin, the former Ukrainian prosecutor. She asked: “This also relates to the firing of the special prosecutor in Ukraine. Victor Shokin. Is that what these emails were about? Because you’ve told us in the past that this was a decision that you were looking at as a decision by the what Joe Biden could have been paid to get involved in getting this prosecutor off Burisma’s back.”

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Comer pointed to a growing body of evidence. “I think the evidence is mounting every day to show that Joe Biden went to Ukraine for the sole purpose of firing Shokan, who was the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son for corruption. What we heard in the transcribed interview with Devon Archer was the one who said the owners of Burisma were squeezing Hunter, saying we need help in Washington, you need to call Washington for help, of course the Democrats tried to say well, that could have been anyone in Washington . Well, what we’ve learned now is that Joe Biden was using a fake email name to receive correspondence from his staff in which he was copying Hunter Biden. And I think, Maria, that Hunter had to demonstrate value to the owners of Burisma who were working on this. So I was sending them to the owners of Burisma. Look, this is obvious that Joe Biden abused his power as Vice President for the sole purpose of protecting his son, who was receiving millions and millions of dollars from this corrupt Ukrainian energy company. And this email links Joe Biden and Hunter Biden to this corruption scheme beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

Closing the segment, Bartiromo commented, “Well, it’s also pretty interesting that Hunter Biden is even CC’d on any of these emails. That was government business, right?”

Comer responded, “That was 100%. Government business again, the Democrats in the White House have claimed that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden had a firewall between their business affairs and, again, Maria, as you know, here there are no legitimate businesses.”

Meanwhile, Democrats still say there’s no evidence Joe was involved in Hunter’s “business.”

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