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Political Scandals: Biden, Kerry, Gun Laws, YouTube Censorship, DHS Showdown!

Chad Cato

Welcome to our eye-opening news channel, where we reveal mind-blowing political scandals! Find out the truth about the puppeteers who control senior officials, the struggles of Biden and Kerry as property. See KJP cornered on gun laws, Adam Schiff’s YouTube censorship fury, and CNN witnessing burglaries in Pelosi’s district. Plus, watch Rep. Hageman take on a ‘tyrant’ DHS secretary. Join us for shocking and shocking revelations that shape the future of our nation! Like, subscribe and stay informed!

Tune in to RVM Roundup Monday through Thursday at 6:00 PM EST for the day’s news, viral videos, and the best of RVM’s shows.

Today’s best:

1: Our country is run by puppet masters who hold strings to people who should be in senior care facilities…Biden can’t walk or talk. Yesterday’s episode of Mitch McConnell. Now Feinstein is being told what to say…

2: See John Kerry is wholly owned by Thomas Massie

3: KJP Gets Cornered On Joe Biden’s Gun Laws Regarding Hunter Biden’s Gun Crimes [VIDEO]

4: Rep. Adam Schiff is upset at YouTube, X no longer censoring

5: While CNN was reporting on the looting problem in San Francisco, they witnessed 3 robberies in 30 minutes. It’s in Nancy Pelosi’s district.

6: WOW. Rep. Hageman takes on ‘tyrant’ DHS secretary.

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