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Pilot ejects and lands in resident’s back yard

On September 17, an unexpected aircraft failure caused a US military pilot to eject from his F-35 jet over Charleston, South Carolina, landing in a local resident’s backyard. Both the resident and the injured pilot, who was suffering from back pain, had difficulty conveying the severity of the situation to the 911 operator, resulting in a delay in emergency response.

The 47-year-old pilot and resident struggled with multiple attempts to explain the situation. “We have a pilot at the house, and I guess he landed in my backyard, and we’re trying to see if we can get an ambulance to the house, please,” the resident implored.

The pilot, who parachuted out from approximately 2,000 feet, added: “Ma’am, a military plane has crashed. I’m the pilot. We have to launch a rescue. I don’t know where the plane is. It would have landed somewhere. I kicked out.”

The final discovery of the plane was another complex ordeal, taking officials more than 24 hours. It was found in Williamsburg County, about 60 miles from the point of ejection. The Marine Corps noted that the plane, valued at about $100 million, had safety features that allowed the flight to continue.

The delay in locating the plane raised several questions, with complications stemming from the erasure of the plane’s secure communications after ejection and adverse weather conditions affecting the search.

The incident remains under scrutiny, and the findings of the official review are expected to be released in the coming months.

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