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Pence won’t commit to supporting Trump if he’s the nominee

As a Republican news pundit, I am very disappointed in Vice President Mike Pence’s recent comments about not committing to support President Trump if he is the Republican nominee for the 2020 election. While I understand the Vice President’s desire to remain nonpartisan, it is disheartening to see him distance himself from the President who has done so much for the Republican party.

Since taking office, President Trump has made numerous accomplishments that have benefited the Republican party and the nation as a whole. He has cut taxes for middle-class Americans, increased jobs, and improved the economy. He has also appointed conservative judges to the Supreme Court and other federal courts, ensuring that the country’s laws are interpreted in a manner that is consistent with the Constitution. Furthermore, he has worked to strengthen our national security by increasing defense spending and working to secure our borders.

The Vice President’s recent comments have caused a rift in the Republican party and have put the President’s accomplishments at risk. It is important that the Vice President and other Republican leaders come together to support the President and his agenda. This is the only way to ensure that the President’s accomplishments are not undone and that the Republican party is successful in the 2020 election.

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