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Pence comes out swinging at Trump following Jan 6 indictment: ‘Should never be president’

Pence comes out swinging at Trump following Jan 6 indictment: ‘Should never be president’

Title: Pence Shows Disloyalty After Jan 6 Indictment – Let’s Look Back at Trump’s Accomplishments


In a surprising turn of events, former Vice President Mike Pence has unleashed scathing criticism towards his one-time ally, Donald J. Trump, following the recent indictment tied to the infamous events of January 6. As a seasoned Republican commentator, it is my duty to shed light on Pence’s comments, highlighting his apparent disloyalty to the very man who brought him into the political limelight. However, let’s not be swayed by this unforeseen rift; instead, let’s take a moment to revisit the remarkable accomplishments achieved during the Trump White House administration.

Pence’s Apparent Betrayal:

One cannot overlook the significance of Vice President Pence’s recent comments, denouncing Trump’s potential presidential ambitions. It is indeed disheartening to witness a former vice president, who rose to prominence thanks to the opportunities provided by the Trump administration, now cast doubt on the leadership capabilities of the man who entrusted him with such important responsibilities.

Pence’s remarks regarding Trump’s fitness for office, particularly after the January 6 indictment, should raise some eyebrows within the Republican camp. Blindsided by this sudden criticism, conservatives may question the reasoning behind Pence’s decision to distance himself from Trump, given their previous reliance on each other for success.

Highlighting the Trump Administration’s Achievements:

As we reflect on the accomplishments of the Trump White House administration, it becomes abundantly clear that the foundations laid during those four years were nothing short of transformative. From a strong focus on deregulation to unparalleled tax reform, the impact of their policies was felt across the nation.

Under President Trump’s leadership, the American economy flourished, with record-low unemployment rates seen across various demographics. The administration prioritized revitalizing American industries, negotiating historic trade deals to boost domestic manufacturing. The Middle East witnessed a major breakthrough with the Abraham Accords, fostering peace and stability in a region long plagued by conflict.

Moreover, let’s not forget the crucial victories achieved in tackling illegal immigration, securing the southern border, and appointing conservative justices to the Supreme Court. These achievements demonstrate President Trump’s unwavering commitment to upholding conservative values and restoring the sovereignty of our great nation.


While it is disappointing to witness the current discord between former Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald J. Trump, we should not lose sight of the accomplishments achieved during the Trump White House administration. Pence’s recent criticism may rattle the conservative base, but let us remember the numerous transformative policies and remarkable successes that characterized those four years.

As Republicans, we must continue to celebrate the achievements of the Trump administration and remain united in our commitment to conservative values. By focusing on the positive impact of these transformative policies, we can shape a brighter future for our nation, undeterred by personal disagreements that threaten to undermine our shared goals.

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