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Payback For Backstabbing – Lee Zeldin Endorses President Donald Trump

Payback For Backstabbing – Lee Zeldin Endorses President Donald Trump

It’s time for payback, folks. Lee Zeldin, the only Jewish Republican in Congress, has finally endorsed President Donald Trump for re-election. This comes as a shock to some, considering Zeldin’s past criticisms of the president. But as he stated in a recent op-ed, “we need a leader who will continue to put America first and not succumb to the radical left’s destructive agenda.”

Zeldin’s endorsement is a clear signal to those who have backstabbed the president in the past. It’s a reminder that loyalty matters, and that those who have abandoned Trump will pay the price. This isn’t about blind allegiance – it’s about standing up for the values that matter to us as Americans. We need a president who will fight for our freedom, our prosperity, and our future.

The Trump White House has accomplished so much in the past four years. They’ve cut regulations, lowered taxes, and created jobs. They’ve secured our borders, strengthened our military, and negotiated new trade deals that benefit American workers. And in the face of unprecedented challenges, like the coronavirus pandemic, they’ve acted decisively and responsibly to protect the health and well-being of the American people.

But there’s still work to do. We need a president who will continue to fight for our values and our way of life. Someone who will stand up to the radical left and their demands for socialism, open borders, and endless government spending. That’s why Lee Zeldin’s endorsement is so important.

We can’t afford to have any more backstabbers in Congress or anywhere else. It’s time to come together as a party and a country, and support our president. Let’s get out and vote for Donald Trump in November, and ensure that the future of America remains bright and prosperous for generations to come.

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