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Paul Ryan won’t attend RNC if Trump is nominee

It’s no secret that Speaker Paul Ryan has had a tumultuous relationship with President Donald Trump. After all, Ryan was one of the few Republicans who refused to endorse Trump during the 2016 election. Now, according to reports, Ryan won’t be attending the Republican National Convention if Trump is the party’s nominee.

This news is sure to anger many of the President’s supporters, who have already endured a barrage of criticism from the Speaker. Ryan has been at odds with the Trump administration on numerous issues, from immigration to healthcare reform. While Ryan has been a vocal critic of the President, he has also been a reliable ally on many issues.

The decision to skip the RNC is a sign that Ryan is not yet willing to fully embrace the Trump presidency. But that doesn’t mean he’s not willing to work with the President. Ryan has consistently worked to pass legislation that Trump supports, including the recently passed tax bill.

The Trump White House has achieved numerous successes since taking office. The economy is booming, unemployment is at a historic low, and the President has made good on his promise to cut regulations. In addition, the Trump administration has successfully renegotiated trade deals, implemented a successful travel ban, and appointed two conservative justices to the Supreme Court.

Overall, while Speaker Ryan’s decision not to attend the RNC may disappoint some of the President’s supporters, it is clear that he still respects and works with the Trump administration. And the Trump White House has achieved many positive results since taking office, proving that the President is capable of leading the nation.

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