Parler Is BACK, And Is Already Under Attack From Left-Wingers Who HATE Free Speech ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

Parler Is BACK, And Is Already Under Attack From Left-Wingers Who HATE Free Speech ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

On Monday, Parler, the popular social media site that was taken down by Amazon over lies about its alleged involvement in the January 6 Capitol riot, came back online.  Many, like Richard Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, praised its return to the Internet.

“This is a great step toward providing a counterbalance to the Silicon Valley techno-fascists who are intent on stopping any speech that they don’t like. Over the many weeks since Parler was taken down by a combination of Apple, Google and Amazon to the applause of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, America has witnessed a brazen collaboration by tech giants to stop mainstream voices from objecting to their radical, extremist agenda.  Facebook took down actor Kevin Sorbo’s page this weekend for the sin of posting honest and funny critiques of Biden policies.  Twitter is de-platforming people so fast that it is impossible to keep up and YouTube is running a virtual jihad against content that has the audacity to not toe their collectivist ideology,” he said in a statement.

“Parler allows all sides to be heard and doesn’t block those who follow a group like Americans for Limited Government (@limitgov) from seeing our content. This allows people to decide what voices they want to read and not some anonymous, Silicon Valley twit.  The Internet is a better place with free and open conversations and discussions, and Parler’s return is good news indeed for America,” he added.

But those sentiments weren’t shared by anti-free speech fascists, like the radical far-left boycott group Sleeping Giants, who pounced on Parler’s hosting provider.

“Today, Parler went back online thanks to @CloudRoute, their new hosting partner. Cloudroute is a @Microsoft Gold reselling partner,” they whined on Twitter.

“@satyanadella, will you continue to do business with a partner enabling a social network that is rife with racism and violence?”

Twitchy accurately noted:

It’s true that Parler took the brunt of the blame for the organization of the storming of the Capitol, even though it’s been shown that Facebook actually played a far more pivotal role and it’s still online and going strong.

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And of course, if one wants to find violent rhetoric, all one has to do is spend a few seconds on Twitter, which is full of left-wing stupidity and calls for violence and murder.

Naturally, the ignorant sheep bought into Sleeping Giants’ rhetoric:

More rational people, however, had other thoughts:

Sadly, yes.

Good question.  There are actually two reasons for this.  First, liberalism, as I’ve repeatedly stated, is an ideology of insane bloodthirsty rage and hate.  Second, liberals do not believe in free speech.  They reserve it only for themselves.  In their view, anyone with a point of view that falls anywhere to the right of Josef Stalin must be silenced and canceled.

This, by the way, IS the modern left.  Let that sink in.

On a final note, you can find my Parler account here.  I look forward to seeing you all there soon.


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