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Parents who lose children because they can’t pay the foster care bills for other people to care for their children

Parents who lose children because they can’t pay the foster care bills for other people to care for their children

Federal funding is available for people who want to become foster or adoptive parents for children who are not their own, but these funds are not available for the biological family to support their children.

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Is there anything more ridiculous than the fact that our nation’s messed up child trafficking system called “foster care” provides funding and training to prospective foster and adoptive parents to care for other people’s children, but that same funding not available to the biological family to support their own children?

Yes, there is something even more ridiculous, and surprisingly, NPR brought this to the public’s attention. In some states, if the state takes your children and places them in foster care, they require the birth parents to help pay for the foster parents to care for their children.

And if they don’t pay that ransom to the state, they lose their parental rights and never see their children again. This is called “kidnapping for ransom” and is happening under the color of law in 12 states.

In some states, an unpaid foster care bill could mean parents lose their children forever



When Sylvia and Brandon Cunningham were released from a North Carolina prison several years ago, after serving months on drug charges, a judge laid out the steps they needed to take to get their children back from foster care.

After a poor start, they kept going. They got sober and stayed sober. They attended parenting classes and therapy. They got a job. They showed up for weekly visits with their children.

Ultimately, a judge determined that the Cunninghams had proven they could be good parents and that their home, a tidy trailer at the end of a dirt road, was safe for their children.

But only three of his four children made it home.

In 2021, the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled that one of their sons, then 5, was properly placed for adoption because the Cunninghams had failed to reimburse the government for a portion of the cost of fostering their child. son

And in North Carolina, that’s reason enough for a court to permanently take your child away.

Read the full article at NPR.

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Published on January 30, 2023

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