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Paging AOC We have children in cages here. – The Donald – America First

It is a test for the 500 million who will come forward to free us and the rest of the world from the facilitation and protection of the US federal government of the wef and its democratic facilities, if the people and congress don’t they start making sure the feds do what they are supposed to do or face the consequences now so a person of merit can take their place and start solving problems diplomatically instead of wars warmongers who can’t win and then blame Trump when he wins.

Covid is over, if it is lost, all its staff must be punished accordingly.

No more fake feds, you lose everything. So do your friends.

Now chaz chaz and give me my stimulus money and unemployment benefits that are legally owed to me, you pathetic punk whore, nazi pedophile, protecting sack of shitty parasites.

The worst death I have ever imagined is still not enough punishment. Maybe they should be exponentially squared bastards.

It has happened before in the history of minimal and much less fucking crimes. What you’ve done to other people and their families warrants the complete elimination of you and everyone who knows and likes you, so something like what you’ve done will have serious second thoughts if anyone else tries this crap again 100 years from now.

Your infection is not of a race of people so it’s not genocide and once people know what you did and why, no one would argue about eliminating you, they would debate how far it should go go to make sure it’s sung when the fat lady arrives.

i would help

If you signed an oath, you better do it and take the trash out of my back yard. You still haven’t earned it being called our backyard with the lack of military action taken in 2020.

Pathetic for you, embarrassing for me.

(This comment is for the army, navy, air force, space force, pentagon, feds, wef, their politicians, their minions, the mob and their domestic terrorist organization called antifa.)

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