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Our Bad ‘Leaders’ Really Are Children Of The Devil ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own, for he is a liar and the father of it.” (John 8:44 KJ21).

Jesus usually managed to say a lot, without speaking a lot of words.

Perhaps His opposite today would be the political class – the people who think that by possession of a seat of power somewhere, obtained somehow, they have been anointed to run the world, that the laws, rulings and dictates they spew forth must be obeyed by the entire world. America’s Constitution would never have emerged from such a cultural cesspool, and it will not long survive the current lies of those who have emerged from Satan’s fatherhood and believe they are destined to govern the entire world by virtue of their parentage.

The power-hungry today imagine themselves statesmen and women, not dark, shadowy, back-room deal makers and breakers. They like to speak great, flowing words that wash over one another, saturating the airwaves and keeping the audience hanging on, listening to the sound of the words, always believing until the very end that the speaker surely had something important to say. In the end, the audience remembers how well he or she spoke, but still knows little to nothing about what was spoken about. Hmm … maybe that is how we ended up with the “leadership” that America has had – at least during the lifetimes of most of us who call ourselves Boomers.

Our opening Jesus quote leaves no doubt that evil people didn’t get where they are, behave as they do, and speak and act as they do, without help. Successful parents contribute to both the genetic makeup of their children, as well as the behavioral makeup. This used to be, and perhaps still is referred to as “nature and nurture.”

But in our opening quote, Jesus wasn’t speaking to children, he was speaking to adults. In linking them to the devil as their father He accounts for both their nature and nurture as leading to their current situation, in which they choose to do the works of the devil in their lives – and in the lives of others, if permitted.

If we move forward from Bible times to our present time, we see clearly the depth and breadth of those in our culture who are certainly the spiritual product of their father, the devil. Unfortunately, we see them in our government, our education, entertainment, business and almost all aspects of daily life where they can claim some sliver of power over others.

The present disinformation warfare we have all been engaged in (either producing, echoing, or consuming) is indeed a direct effort by the father of lies and his offspring to lead his soldiers forward with great, flowing words that – in the end – signify nothing. While we attempt to decipher the meaning of these words, Hell laughs, because after Jesus plundered Hell and left it following His Resurrection, there is no truth to be found in Hell.

The answer for those who attempt to parse and understand the lies of the devil’s offspring in our day is not found in understanding, but rather in confronting the speakers with God’s Word as recorded in the Bible. God forever honors His covenants and promises. Trying to “understand” a liar is futile. Lying isn’t about clearing up confusion, it’s about obtaining power over others. Once the liar possesses the power or the position, the need to convince anyone disappears.

Those are the stakes of the propaganda war the one-worlders are carrying out. They know perfectly well that their daddy is the father of lies, and that if they prevail over the church in this propaganda war, they will have won it all.

The Truth versus the devil’s lies. The church was ill-equipped for this war, but I do not rule out another “Red Sea” moment, which reduced Egypt to an also-ran nation for all of history. The Bridegroom is unlikely to abandon the Bride in her hour of need, but I think she may have some remedial education to complete before she is ready for the wedding.

Earth’s Final Kingdom, Vol. IV, Armageddon Story, by Craige McMillan

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